Infertility Treatment

Infertility is known as an inability to conceive a baby despite one year of regular sexual contact without the utilization of any contraception. Worldwide, a huge number of couples are facing infertility problems due to various reasons.

Infertility is either caused due to a single factor or a combination of factors, as evident below:-

  • In about 20% cases of infertility occurs due to a problem with the male partner.
  • In about 40% to 50% cases of infertility occur due to a problem in the female partner.
  • In about 30% to 40% cases of infertility occur due to problems in both the man and the woman.

But good news is that many cases of apparent infertility are treatable, until unless they are treated timely and perfectly. A specialized infertility clinic can definitely work best to revive a new hope in hopeless couples.
An infertility clinic might be a good choice in dealing all problems related to infertility in both male and female. A specialist infertility clinic has all needful facilities and amenities under one roof which not only help to diagnose the main problem but also provide the best needful advice and solutions to an infertility patient. They can help patients to provide a big-picture advice in one of the following conditions:

  • Woman who has history of more than one miscarriage
  • Woman under 35 and haven’t conceived after 1 year of regular trying
  • Woman over 35 and haven’t conceived after 6 months of regular trying

While you are looking to choose an infertility clinic, first do your thorough research before time. It would be better to find out what type of tests or procedures you may require down the road. Also give yourself some thought ahead of time to know how far you can go with this process.

Some infertility treatments may cost you a huge sum of money and involve various strong drugs or hormones. Therefore, knowing your limits will help you discuss about some alternate or new procedure. Also, be aware of some fertility centers that might have looked great and also have a huge turnover, but they may have gone downhill in quality. Therefore, before finalizing an infertility clinic, it would be always better asking few questions to make sure that the respective clinic has strong ethics and good quality control.

Here, we have summarized few points that would be surely beneficial for you while selecting a suitable clinic:

  • Since how many years a specific clinic is delivering its services, including qualification and experience of medical director, doctors, and technicians working in the same infertility clinic.
  • Know about the turnover of clinic. A high staff turnover can be a negative sign as it may bring with a poor management and there may be more chances of creating mistakes.
  • Various procedures performed by the clinic. Always make sure that the clinic has a wide array of infertility treatments and also well equipped with the latest technology.
  • A professional Infertility clinic always concerned about ethical issues of patients.
  • It’s better to know the overall cost of treatment ahead of time, so that you may know what you’re getting with every penny of your money spent.
  • If any clinic is not bothered to answer your questions, and say they’re too busy then you should try elsewhere.

As there may be a situation when they may not have time to answer your queries once you’re a patient. So, keep above key points in your mind and you will definitely feel more confident in selecting one of the best and renowned infertility clinics like Shah Hospital, a specialty center for in-vitro fertilization in Ludhiana.