Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Our hospital provides full scope of gynaecology and obstetric services for women during their reproductive & post reproductive stages.


We offer comprehensive urological services to diagnose and treat various urinary diseases related to the urinary tract system including kidneys, ureter, bladder, etc.

Infertility Treatment

We use latest techniques and technologies to treat infertility which ensures that the struggling couples have their bundle of joy in their arms.

General & Laparoscopic Surgery

Our surgeons are well experienced to carry out complex as well as simple laparoscopic surgeries.

Pathology & Hematology

Our advanced diagnostic facilities are best supported by thoroughly trained technicians under strict GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) guidelines.

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic Surgery is the stream of surgery that deals with the reconstruction of any part of the body affected due to congenital defects, trauma, infection or the aging process.

Rheumatology & Immunology

Wide range of services for diagnosis and treatment of joint, bone and connective tissue diseases.

Spermatology & Andrology

We full range of specialized tests and services for the evaluation and treatment of male infertility & problems associated with male reproductive system.